HORSKH   Electro-Indus (FR)

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Activité Brlunote : Booking (Territoire Suisse) 


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Horskh draws his inspiration with the most explosive music. The sacred roots of EBM is fused with the effectiveness of electro & the power of metal. During the live performance , this French juggernaut utilizes two drummers and strengthens the audio onslaught with synths, electric guitars & the vocals seamlessly combine a melodic & catchy delivery.
The first EP « Dawn » was released in October 2014 through AUDIOTRAUMA Records. This debut release reveals that oscillation border that provides a plurality that is both exciting & consistent.

After Horskh released the Dawn EP, fans of the powerful debut demanded more. Horskh has responded with a shockwave. The extended version of "DAWN" is upon us. Along side the 5 original tracks from the debut is 3 brand new tracks and 5 remixes. 2 Methyl, Näo, LOSS, FLESH & HOLOGRAM_ each have put their own signature on the infectious sound waves, respectively.



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